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They had chopped us

Limb by limb they had hung us on the entrance of the marketplace

Flowing in the air was the scent of water

We were sautéed entwined with spring

Flowing in the air was the wind

Wind, blew in in our veins, blew out of the hole of our eyes

You walked in
Piece by piece you arranged legs and hands beside lips and eyes

You bent your face over the face’s cheeks which used to be cheeks

Blessed the cheeks with a kiss of cherry blossom


There was no pain

There wasn’t a hint of whimper in a throat cut along the hands and legs the tits the tongues

You came closer

Wind stopped

The market place fell silent

I, who had yet to have knees on my legs, walked

on my earlobes, watched

with my fingertips

There was no pain

Pain happened, you know, when I blossomed with your touch

When my blossoms shimmered so red that you blinked,

And looked away

Saghi Ghahraman

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