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Walks out of her tale
One Thousand and One Time
But cannot
Delay the killing
Of no one


Is no longer a cynical king

To be spotted easily

Scheherazade has bought
A new car
To drive in highways
With a magical speed, and chase
Aloof individuals, made of freshly made entangled-tales,
And warn them


She feels tired quickly,
-It must be the polluted air-

Parks her car under a withered tree

She hasn’t yet unfastened the seatbelt when
A barefoot boy appears
With a stack of newspapers

The boy holds no Aladdin’s Lamp

And Scheherazade wants
To get him in her car
And return him to his story
So, the ghouls, loose in streets,
Don’t harm him

Tough, all the kid Aladdin wants,
Is to sell his newspapers

Scheherazade, tired of trying
Turns the radio on:

Killing street-women in Mash’had, 17 and counting..

Scheherazade is stuck behind the red lights
Murderers escape

One reporter recognizes her,
And follows

Writes a few articles about her One Thousand and One Futile Attempts To Stop the Killings,
and loses her job

Freshteh Sari  

Translated by Saghi Ghahraman

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