Happy in Owen Sound

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Trees are happy here, I’ve asked

Rocks are happy here, I’ve asked

Pallid blue, pitch black skies are both happy here

Roads, inside the city, and the country roads – Whirling Dervishes of the West – not quite tipsy but very happy here

Birds are happy; they have their share of the nectar

Cats are pretty happy although they don’t care to admit

The Sun is happy, even her glare is joyful

Stars are happy; no competition with the nightlights of the big city

The moon, of all the people, is quite cheerful here

I’ve asked many many people

A large number, I must say; all have confirmed they’re happy here, very happy here

Well, some looked displeased with my query,

Amazed, as if it was insane even to consider the opposite

I said sorry. I said of course. I said I know. I said I understand.

I have asked houses, all types of houses

They said they were all happy here, insanely happy here

They said they would not switch places with houses elsewhere, not ever

They were aware, they said, of evacuations, of abandonings, even bombings happening daily on poor houses elsewhere. “Isn’t that awful?”, they said.

Babies’ are quite happy, no complaints

I’ve asked dogs, all of them very appreciative, most obliged.

They said their only worry was that the owners might, god forbid, take them out of Owen Sound.

Cows, magnificent, serene cows, seem to be in perfect harmony with the meadow: they are happy here

The rain rains happy rains

She says she’s forgotten sorrows originally the cause of her constant mourning

She says here droplets do not clash with the ground here,

That’s a relief, she says.

The cause? She believes it’s the rocks.

The gentle, massive rocks have changed the murky nature of the earth.

The dreaded shaky ground is steady here in Owen Sound.

Snow likes it here

Stays clean, shimmering white all winter long

Doesn’t have to eat dirt like they do in Toronto

The wind is happy, very happy, hurling peacefully, no rush

I’m happy here

I’m happy here

Of course, I’m sorry don’t understand but I’m happy, quite happy here


Owen Sound Ontario 2005

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