Poetry in Translation


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Choose to sit across from me on the floor

Choose to lift up your knees,
Push back your shoulders, push down your hands

Choose for me to sit across from you on the floor, lift up my knees, bend my shoulders forward

Choose for your lips to close involuntarily

Choose for your lips to open in a form of an exhale

Choose that at the same time a blood drop flow through your lips down your pubic hair

Choose for my hand to rub on the flowing blood drops

Choose for me to rub my fingers from the bottom to the top of your mouth

Choose for me to rub my bloody finger on the side of your hips

Choose for the blood not to stop

Choose for my hand to swirl my fingers in your blood and your suddenly swollen mouth

Choose to desire a cigarette all of sudden

Choose For me to light your cigarette without smearing my bloody hand on the side of your hips

Choose for me to put the cigarette in your fingertips

Choose to bend back to reach the ground to lay your face upward, on the ground

Choose for me to turn my head away from your pubic hair without rubbing my face in the blood that for now has stopped

Choose to ring your legs around my knees

Choose to let go of the sole of your foot to put it on my belly

Choose that this is the only move you give yourself, in silence, laid back, staring at the ceiling

Choose to let yourself be carefree to leave yourself to my drowsy interaction

Choose for the moment to be suddenly gone

We are lying on the ground facing upward

Our gaze and our minds clung into the ceiling

Our hands on each other’s knees, we let go of the knees,
We push back and forth,
Our bloody mouths sleepily bang, back and forth

Choose for my hand to reach my arm and lift it up from the ground to raise my shoulders,
To bend my back forward, to push my head down into your belly

Choose for me not to fall asleep

Choose for me to wake somewhat up

A moment is gone by suddenly

Choose for me to place my head on your dried & sucked breast

Choose to hold your hands around your other drained nipple

To raise my head, to get my lips between your lips

Choose for me to get up and grab us two new tampons

Choose for me to say to you that it is better for the two of us to sleep now

 Saghi Ghahraman Toronto 2014
Translated by Dr. Claudia Yaghoobi 2019

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