My Own Self

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My lips are parched,

Like my self;  oozing with a shy blood


Brutal shears trim blisters inside my head with a slow hand

I retreat to cool bed sheets    fall in to sleep

    …then I laugh hard

       …turn back to the self

   …tilt the head back

…slap the knee with open palms

…grasp the belly, tight

I shake the laughter off

Nearly noon        of a bright day        every day     when things end up into a flat face – that’s the time when time gushes in, gushes out of the pit of my insides – I laugh hard

Then, comes morning

I breakfast a heaven with two pills an’ a sip of milk

I don’t remember what I do next

From the inside of my cunt, life vibrates

The hollow inside remains hollow for quite a while

I don’t remember what I do next

The shadow in the background of love is mocking;

I laugh hard


Sacarborough Toronto 2002

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