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The Fishbowl

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Well, I wouldn’t give a fuck about the New Year


A fat ass guy or a fat ass gal

The sort of fat cat who many have to get skinny to make room for

Had come, so fucking cocky, shoving the new year up my ass

Doing me rather badly


Of course,

The fat ass was more man than woman


He was wearing must    aches    and not    booo  bees

Wearing  must aches   or    having  booo  beees    makes no difference to me

What does,     is the fact of being able to be  fat ass


The fat cat pussymonger


Swiped all the new years all the way out of me and you

And expects

That I


Like him

Be happy go lucky for the coming of a new year


The whole devilish humongous mass of fat asses

In this no good bugger of a holiday

Fucked up my breath


Struggling for breath

A soul-mate to share it with

I am

Peering into the tiny fishbowl,

Swimming with the fish


Like the fish    I yearn for air with my sucking lips     self kiss my self


My pulse beats      in my lips       like the fish

I kiss   and kiss    and kiss          the air only


The new year




and me




Would it hand my lips to,

And my kisses,

Which slice into the teeny weeny fish bowls

HamSeresht, Iranian Gay Poet & Blogger 
Translated into English by Sina Gilani, Iranian Canadian Actor & Director 
The poem was published in Hamseresht’s blog, The Last Surviver of the Generation of Souldmates – his weblog was shut down by morality police in Iran in 2012 – the poet’s whereabouts is not known.

Original in Farsi

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