That very thing,

Who’s shape isn’t exactly as was said,

Must turn out,
not exactly as was said.

To have something appear not in the shape it was said, you must
–listen carefully! think of all the things they haven’t mentioned and the shapes they haven’t mentioned–
mold together all those things that wasn’t said, into a desired shape that wasn’t said.

That is what I did.

And she appeared in a shape that wasn’t said,
shook off she own shape and took off into thin air,
shut she eyes and walked out of reach.

didn’t know –didn’t exactly know– what has been lost.


Abouzar Karimi
Aughust 29, 2022 Tehran
Translated by Saghi Ghahrama
Dec 24, 2022 Toronto



With another soil of a present time,
you arrive at me

Sounds like you pass me by, seen or not, soil folded over my roots

Here is I, your name wiped out of mind

There is you where wind carries my leaf away

Abouzar Karimi
June 2010
Translated by Saghi Ghahraman
December 2022
Original in Farsi